The Selfish Crab

The Selfish Crab
Anya Glazer
Oxford Children’s Books

Claude is a hermit crab and he’s exceedingly proud of his shell, justifiably so as it’s the most beautiful of all the hermit crab shells on the beach where he lives. However, hermit crabs don’t keep their shells forever; when they outgrow them, they have to search the seashore for empty replacements. What this particular group of hermit crabs do is that when a suitable one is found, the crabs all come together, line themselves up in order of size and one by one move along and into the next biggest shell. 

However, Claude decides he’s not going to participate in the exchange line up and flatly refuses so to do. 

His fellow crabs muddle along but life remains peachy for inconsiderate Claude with that special shell of his although it does start to feel a tad on the tight side, whereas Alphonso, a tiny crab has to put up with a shell that is way too large.
But then as the two chat about things, Claude mentions birds 

and before you can say, beware! the two crabs are seized and find themselves in circumstances they wouldn’t wish on any fellow crustacean, let alone a supposed friend. Could this perhaps be an opportunity for Claude to let go of his selfish ways and start thinking of the other hermit crabs?

This story is based on real hermit crab behaviour (details on the final spread). Anya Glazer uses speech bubbles to add further humour to her telling and the illustrations, which are a mix of the naturalistic and comical, will induce lots of giggles from children.

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