Unicorn Not Wanted

Unicorn Not Wanted
Fred Blunt
Happy Yak

Acknowledging that there is already a plethora of unicorn picture books on the market, Fred Blunt offers something rather different: a cowboy story set of course, in the Wild West – or does he?

Unfortunately, despite the author having declared this book a unicorn-free zone, a one horned ungulate – a female one – and a pug in disguise have managed to sneak themselves in and once there make it their mission to find acceptance in the narrative, no matter what.

Little by little they wheedle themselves more and more into the limelight with stunts involving aerobatics,

wrestling and superhero-ing until the storyteller resorts to a costume cover-up.

But is it a success? Umm …

The main characters are an absolute hoot, their body language and facial expressions are superbly silly and brilliantly done, while the banter between the two and the narrator is highly entertaining.

All in all so much better that a run-of-the-mill unicorn story that will be enjoyed by young unicorn lovers, NOT unicorn lovers, and adult sharers, who can have enormous fun reading this aloud. This one certainly did. YEE HAW!

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