Small Stanley’s Big List of Scary Stuff

Small Stanley’s Big List of Scary Stuff
Angie Morgan
Otter-Barry Books

We all worry from time to time but I doubt many people have lists of worrying things as long as Stanley’s. Though this small boy’s world feels bursting with horrors, he longs to be brave like the superheroes he reads of. Instead however, he compiles a ginormous list that never stops growing, for wherever he goes, whatever he does, Stanley thinks of another item to add to his list

– even not having his list with him. It’s no surprise then that he stops playing with his pals – it’s just too difficult; but eventually things get totally out of hand.

Off goes Stanley to consult his Grandad who suggests a walk in the fresh air. In itself this is a good remedy for worries; but no sooner had they ventured out than a wind gets up. Another scary thing and one that snatches the list right out of Stanley’s hand, up and away.

Needless to say the wind pays no heed to the boy’s cries but as they walk back home, he feels strangely lighter and decidedly playful. He even goes so far as to accept his friend’s invitation to play. Hurrah! And now playing with friends has replaced list making, though very occasionally Stanley does wonder what happened to that tally of terrifying items.

The book concludes with Stanley’s short list of helpful hints about feeling scared, for those who read his story.

Angie Morgan’s mixed media illustrations are full of amusing details that both children and adults will appreciate though the former may need help reading the tiny writing on some of Stanley’s lists. Her vibrant artwork really brings to life Stanley’s emotions; and the interconnectedness of the words and pictures works splendidly.

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