Captain Looroll

Captain Looroll
Matt Carr

She’s ready for anything, so Captain Looroll declares on the day of her birth but she probably hadn’t anticipated a mundane existence such as the one she finds herself faced with, stuck on a holder hanging on the wall in the toilet under the stairs, of all boring places.

Equally bored are her close chums Ray the spray and Barbara Bogbrush. Victoria Sponge however remains more upbeat, frequently stating that ‘something’s bound to happen.’ and happen it does in the form of ToiletTROLL from the upstairs bathroom.

Word of a mission comes from above via the downpipe and after something of a struggle the downstairs buddies make it up to the scene of the chaotic bathroom where something green and cylindrical, aka TT, is creating complete havoc. Indeed he’s fast turning the entire house into a powerfully pooey, gooey viridescent residence.

As things unroll at a rapid rate, it’s evident that one of the two rolls is so much more than mere tissue; as well as heart and soul, she’s quick-thinking and super-resourceful.

Can she and her crew see off that dastardly supervillain once and for all: you bet! However there’s still a considerable amount of wiping that requires doing.

Replete with bum-clenchingly excruciating puns this is a hilarious read aloud that will have children wriggling on their bottoms in delight as they cheer for the hero and her gang and giggle at Matt Carr’s vibrant, action-packed scenes. Bathroom visits will never seem the same once you’ve met the cast of this crazy book: this is toilet humour of the first order. Roll on the next adventure.

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