The King’s Runaway Crown

The King’s Runaway Crown
Rosalind Spark and Ian Smith
Oxford Children’s Books

It’s the morning of the new King’s coronation and preparations are well underway until suddenly Colin, the King’s dog snatches the crown from right under the nose of the royal butler who is busily polishing the ceremonial symbols. Off dashes the pooch hotly pursued by said butler, the palace guards, the coach driver (plus horses Ruby and Diamond), a proliferation of pigeons and a fast growing crowd that had gathered to watch the big event, through the streets of London

and along the riverside.

At Tower Bridge stands little Violet and her parents. She sees what is happening and steps forward commanding in a loud voice, “STOP!” The pursuers and the pursued halt right then and there.

Violet picks up Colin, cuddles him and a communication takes place between them. She passes Colin’s fearful feelings on to the crowd.

Meanwhile back at the palace, a royal someone is feeling equally beset by nerves when he notices a particularly peculiar parade passing through the gates. Out runs the King, Violet hands over the crown and they all listen to his highness before he takes his place on the throne for the crowning ceremony.

This right royal romp, with its wealth of alliteration and its crying out to be joined in with, repeat refrain, “Catch Colin! Save the crown!’ is told with aplomb by Rosalind Spark and energetically illustrated by Ian Smith whose scenes of the chaos one little dog causes, are comic delights.

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