Scotty Plants a Seed

A big thank you to Little Door Books for inviting me to participate in this blog tour.

Scotty Plants a Seed
Conn Iggulden and Lizzy Duncan
Little Door Books

Scotty is a small black dog living on the island of Mull with a fisherman, having been blown in by a storm. One day, deciding the pup needs a collar, the fisherman takes down the one that had once belonged to Scotty’s mother and places it around the pup’s neck. Hanging from it is a tag that neither of them can read but it certainly has an effect on Scotty. Off he races to see his friend Owl and show off his brand new collar.

Owl declares that the writing on the tag is old, which impresses Scotty but he then pees against Owl’s tree displeasing his friend who is further upset at Scotty calling his home ‘a sort of a stick, but well, bigger instead.’

As Owl proceeds to talk of the wonderful trees he has seen – the shady banyan and the enormous Caoba – he notices Scotty’s collar begin to glow

and suddenly the pup disappears. Seemingly his collar fob acts as some kind of transportation device taking him first to India

and then to Brazil. There Scotty sees the two trees Owl spoke of, but manages to displease first a group of children and then a monkey by peeing.

When Owl catches up he’s both exhausted and without much of his plumage:Scotty though is eager to visit the plains of Africa. There a ranger points out an area of reforestation. ‘Just one little voice – just one seed in the ground, / One voice that can wake the whole world with its sound!’ he says to Scotty.

Eventually the two friends return to Owl’s tree, Owl almost completely sans feathers and guess what Scotty does. You can probably guess too what they both do the following morning …

Told through a rhyming narrative and bold, dramatic illustrations that capture the grandeur of the trees and contrasting desolation of a felled forest, this environmental adventure is an unusual way of presenting the alarming fact that trees all over the world are in danger. However it’s also one of hope, encouraging the vital importance of planting trees and caring for those we already have. Nobody is too small to make a difference.

Don’t forget to search for the hidden seed on every spread.

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