Love, The Earth

Love, The Earth
Frances Stickley and Tim Hopgood
Walker Books

Barely a day goes by when there isn’t something in the media about the climate crisis or the numerous ways in which people are still damaging our precious environment; but time is running out so it’s never too early to issue the rallying cry to young children.

This cleverly titled collaboration between author Frances Stickley and artist Tom Hopgood does just that in a truly captivating way.

It’s from Earth’s point of view that the rhyming narrative comes; the voice is gentle and friendly while also expressing a plea to be shown the kindness and fairness it needs for all its wonders to survive. With that plea comes a promise, given to the tiny newborn child we see at the start and follow through the book.

Earth’s riches are shown in Tim’s glorious mixed media illustrations as he transports us to wonderful woodlands,

gorgeous gardens, shows star-filled skies and sunny days, icy landscapes and the marvels of the deep.

Pitch perfect for little ones in every way and what a truly exquisite gift it would make to a recently born little one like the child shown at the start of the book.

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