The Crown

The Crown
Emily Kapff
Walker Books

Wearing a crown and speaking from the future, a girl addresses readers. She explains that she is no princess, her crown is made from rubbish that has been left behind by previous generations. So too is the hill upon which she stands; that is made of landfill. 

In this landfill however the child discovers a book; a book full of pictures showing what is the past for her, but is our world as it now is. She becomes filled with joy as, beside her equine companion, she peruses the pages showing the wonderful seas, infinite sky, the land all with a wealth of wonderful flora and fauna.

In contrast to her world, this one is beautiful to behold; this earth that belongs to all of us. It’s within our power to pass down those wonders so that the girl can wear a different crown, one not made of rubbish but alive with the flora and fauna we are fortunate still to see around us.

The message that comes through loud and clear is a positive one: it’s within the power of us all to pass down a different kind of crown.

Yes we still have the power – just – but do we have the will? Surely it’s incumbent upon us all to do our bit to help and the final page has some starting points for everyone.

Powerful too with her lyrical text and show-stopping illustrations is Emily Kapff’s debut picture book. The contrast between the ugliness of the grubby world of our throwaway society and the beauty of nature’s wonders really drives the message home to readers. Let’s hope it’s shared widely and acted upon before it’s too late.

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