Silver Linings

Silver Linings
Fiona Woodcock
Harper 360

Close neighbours Pip and Parker are best friends, so in tune with one another that sometimes they don’t need to speak.
However, when Pip feels down Parker always manages to find just the right words, like the time when her crayon broke: “It’s okay, Pip … Now we can both use yellow,” he says.

When they can’t find their toy boat to sail in the park, Parker suggests making paper ones instead.

Then when Parker’s boat is swept away by the wind, he suggests playing with kites and when an approaching storm makes the sky cloudy upsetting Pip, Parker sees it as a chance to look for shapes in the clouds. Parker has a gift for seeing the bright side—the silver lining – in any situation. How better to deal with rain than to splash in the puddles.

Then their need for a snack sends them back inside. Now it’s Parker who is responsible for a mishap – a very messy one that spoils their work of art.

What will Pip do? With such a good role model, she knows to make the most of the situation – to find that silver lining – and not a single word is necessary.

The story ends on such a sweet note that it’s bound to bring a big smile to the faces of readers, young and not so young.

Softly coloured, Fiona’s patterned, mixed media illustrations are full of charming details and her portrayal of the best friends is a delight; in fact the entire book from cover to cover is delightful.

This lovely lesson about the rewards of optimism and having a good friend is one to add to foundation stage and KS1 class collections and to family bookshelves.

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