My Momma Zo

My Momma Zo
Kelly & Zoey Allen, illustrated by Tara O’Brien

This bright picture book is about a family with two mums, one of whom is trans.

The narrator is young Molly who begins by showing readers a drawing of the family – herself, her brother George and their two mums. The four of them live in a small house in the city.

Molly goes on to talk of the likes and dislikes of each one: she for example likes pasta, puddle jumping and adventures with her dog; George dislikes vegetables, wearing a coat regardless of the weather and likes walking the dog, playing games and watermelon. He’s also very kind to his sister.

Among Mommy Kel’s likes are tea drinking and she shares Molly’s liking of pasta. Momma Zo likes long baths, singing and cuddles but does not like cauliflower or having to shave her face from time to time.

We’re then told something else about Momma Zo: “We used to call her Daddy. She was often sad and unhappy, but nobody knew why.’ Molly says.

Now though Momma Zo has become a trans woman; she’s so much happier and as George says, Momma Zo is still the same person inside and Ziggy the dog loves her no matter what; but then he’s just part of what is a loving and supportive family.

There are occasions however when they all go out, that somebody is unkind but since transitioning Momma Zo has become much stronger and on this matter too George has something to say ‘you should always get to know someone before finding out their gender.’ A wise boy is George.

Sensitively written, this empowering story is stylishly illustrated by Tara O’Brien and deserves a place in all primary school collections.

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