Michael Mann
Hodder Children’s Books

In this Ghostcloud sequel, Luke, who escaped from Battersea Power Station, is back with his family and has started making a new life (in an alternative London). By day he’s an Apprentice Detective; by night he travels on his kite-cloud along with ghost friend Alma, helping lost souls make their final journeys.

However, Luke’s thoughts and dreams, or rather nightmares, are filled with his friend Ravi who was left behind. This makes Luke feel terribly guilty. He learns that Tabatha (the power station’s owner) has Ravi and many other child labourers, held prisoner.

On his first day working at the Detective Guild with his mentor, Inspector Oberdink, things don’t go well; he manages to cross the Inspector who tasks Luke with envelope-filling. While so doing he comes upon a witness statement referring to Tabatha; but when he questions Oberdink, the inspector dismisses it as an old tramp’s ramblings. Nevertheless, Luke slips it into his pocket.
That evening Luke and Alma take to the skies and when Alma hears about Luke’s nightmares, she suggests a visit to a ghost that can read dreams. Instead they first find themselves at a Ghost Council meeting where the council head shares the memories of a Battersea guard and they see the building being broken into and someone escaping with a case.

With an opportunity to discover what is really going on, Luke and Alma soon find themselves in terrible danger, not only from human enemies but ghostly ones too. Can the two, with some help from friend, Jess, discover who is behind that break-in and what the case contained. Most important: can Luke find where Ravi is and bring him home safely? With that strong sense of loyalty and love, as well as being very determined, Luke sometimes overlooks the threats to his family and friends. Apart from Alma, who can really be trusted?

Michael Mann draws readers in from the outset, taking them on a breathtaking adventure that includes superb descriptions, until we reach a satisfying and affecting conclusion. I couldn’t put it down.

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