Super Questers: The Case of the Missing Memory

Super Questers: The Case of the Missing Memory
Lisa Moss and Dr Thomas Bernard, illustrated by Amy Willcox
Quest Friendz

Lilli, Bea and Leo return with a new problem. Bea’s toy robot is malfunctioning and to fix it they travel to the magical Questland.

On arrival they are greeted by the Queen who immediately asks for their help. The evil Lord Grumble is wreaking havoc with his new Memory Machine, stealing memories from everyone, including the Queen. The Superquesters are determined to solve the problem and find Lord Crumble’s Memory Machine before it’s too late for Questland.

To do so they have eight science,

mathematical and logic-themed quests to undertake with the help of the reader. Each quest has a different challenge: stars not shining as they should, planets not orbiting the sun, forgotten recipes,

and homing birds that have forgotten how to fly.

Adventure and enchantment await both readers and Superquesters as they work to restore a properly functioning memory to the Queen and her Questland subjects.

Cleverly constructed, this interactive book presents a different STEM aspect in each quest and it’s highly engaging. Much of the text is in the form of dialogue, there are rewards, stickers and terrific, inclusive illustrations by Amy Willcox as well as a glossary of STEM skills; and the solutions are given at the end. Playful learning of a high quality.

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