Dig Dig Digger

Dig Dig Digger
Morag Hood
Two Hoots

What begins as an ordinary day at the roadworks, becomes an extraordinary adventure for Digger.
Digger has decided enough is enough when it comes to downward action; Digger decides that she wants to try the new experience she’s recently heard of. No more dark and worm-filled mud: UP is the way to go. However, for a weighty machine such as she, it’s not easy to get airborne,

but eventually, she’s able to take to the air on a solo adventure.

Digger loves the blue but after a while she realises that as well as excitement, up is empty and far from her familiar home ground. Now down is where our Digger wants to be; although perhaps not where she suddenly finds herself. No friends in sight;

but perhaps there is a solution if Digger reverts to her normal downwards occupation …

As always Morag Hood is splendidly silly and her droll humour will delight both children and adults; and the character will appeal strongly to machine-mad young children especially. So will the trail that little ones can follow with a finger as Digger goes down, along, up and down again over the pages.

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