Frank and Bert :The One Where Bert Learns To Ride A Bike

Frank and Bert :The One Where Bert Learns To Ride A Bike
Chris Naylor-Ballesteros
Nosy Crow

Chris Naylor-Ballesteros’s bear, Bert and fox, Frank, return in a new story again narrated by the latter.

The two pals would dearly love to go on a ‘big bike ride’ but as we see, although things start off satisfactorily, it’s not long before Bert gets the wobbles and something goes wrong.

However one day with Bert claiming that he’ll be just fine, they set off together once more. After a while those wobbles start and oops … 

Frank’s not giving up that easily though and he comes up with a supportive idea … or perhaps not.

Can Frank manage to think up something very special to help his best friend get back into the saddle again? And if so, can the two of them get all the way up to the top of that steep hill and safely down again without a disaster?

With its fun final twist, Chris’s story shows friendship at its best – understanding, trusting and ever patient.

Giggles galore guaranteed when you share this comic combination of words and pictures. I love the measured use of florescent colour and the unspoken commentary on Bert’s efforts provided by the bit part players.

I look forward to further episodes starring this delectable duo.

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