Two-Headed Chicken

Two-Headed Chicken
Tom Angleberger
Walker Books

This graphic novel stars a two-headed chicken (one head is pretty stupid, the other head, a whole lot cleverer). This strange entity (in part you the reader, in part your sister) is being chased through the multiverse by an angry green moose, Kernel Antlers, determined to capture, fry and consume it.

In each chapter they travel to a different universe in the multiverse, courtesy of the rechargeable Astrocap, invented and worn by the cleverer head. With a “Bzoop.”this device transports them out of every dangerous situation in just 42 seconds, the intention to find a spot where the moose doesn’t exist. The chase has halts in universes that pastiche Harry Potter and Charles Dickens.

There’s a stop in one universe where “lava is actually lukewarm pizza sauce,” and another in which everyone uses “ginormous” old mobile phones. And the hero makes a number of far out friends along the way.

But who will prevail? Will it be that moose or our intrepid hero? That would be telling; or would it.

Then there’s the fact that the less clever chicken attempts to tell the world’s longest knock knock joke throughout the book and there are several crazy quizzes and puzzles.

The author’s boldly coloured art (and some real NASA photos of the universe) tells most of the story and Angleberger gives credit to the joke books of his childhood as inspiration for the brand of humour and the style of drawing.

A ridiculous romp if ever there was one and possibly the most absurd book I’ve ever read. Those with a penchant for craziness of the exciting kind will enjoy this bumpy ride.

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