A Clock of Stars: The Greatest Kingdom

A Clock of Stars: The Greatest Kingdom
Francesca Gibbons, illustrated by Chris Riddell
Harper Collins Children’s Books

This is the third part in Francesca Gibbons’ fantastical adventure trilogy.

With Anneshka now in the world of humans searching for the greatest kingdom and Mum’s boyfriend, Mark, dangerously ill in hospital on account of some monsters he accidentally carried home, Imogen and Marie face some enormous problems and the clock is ticking to save Mark’s life.

There’s magic aplenty awaiting as we follow the sisters as they make one final journey through the door in the tree. Their quest will mean they must travel – much further than they’ve ever done before – right into the strange enchanted lands of Nedobyt; giant birds and a lot of flying are involved.

Meanwhile elsewhere, feeling more lonely than ever before, Miro, is also on a journey – to find his mother’s family. Almost thankful to be accompanied by Princess Kazimira, he heads towards the Nameless Mountains where he hopes to track down his two grandmothers.

This is an absolutely brilliant, breathtaking finale with so much at stake. Lots is learned including that Imogen realises she’s not the only one to have ‘worry creatures’, Miro has them too.

I don’t want to reveal too much about what unfolds or it will spoil readers’ enjoyment of Francesca’s truly spellbinding tale. Make sure you take a good look at Chris Riddell’s superb portraits of the characters at the front of the book

With all prophecies fulfilled, the clock of stars has stopped ticking; wither next for this amazing author I wonder.

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