Supertato Presents Evil Pea and the Beanstalk

Supertato Presents Evil Pea and the Beanstalk
Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet
Simon & Schuster

Welcome back to the supermarket. The curtain’s up on the silliest ever pantomime performance of Jack and the Beanstalk narrated by Tomato and starring a said to be kind-hearted pea, Jack and its mum, Supertato – oops mustn’t let the name slip during the show.

In an endeavour to eke out their almost non-existent cash, Jack’s mum sends him off to market to sell Daisy their cow. You pretty much know how the story goes with Jack agreeing to swap Daisy for some supposedly magic beans, which against the odds the following morning, having been tossed out of the window in disgust, have transformed into a beanstalk.

Upon learning from said beanstalk that the riches await at its top, Jack (don’t even think of calling him ‘good’) begins to ascend, protesting loudly and vigorously.

Happily with Jack duly saved from his life threatening experience, he and his rescuer proceed upwards, enter the castle they find and encounter first an egg laying being, followed shortly after by a ‘glorious mystery guest’ of the fruity kind intent on consuming its visitors.

Fortunately for Jack and his ma they manage to escape, Jack still protesting his ‘not’ goodness, and about to receive a show-stopping surprise. With its delightfully daft finale, this latest Hendra/Linnet extravaganza definitely deserves the encores that young audiences will demand. There’s no doubt who is playing the bean swapper Jack encounters but I wonder if they’ll guess who is playing Daisy the cow.

This is the tenth Supertato book and it’s great to hear that £1.29 of the cover price from each copy of Supertato presents Jack and the Beanstalk sold will be donated to Save The Children.

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