Maybe You Might

Maybe You Might
Imogen Foxell and Anna Cunha
Lantana Publishing

Is it possible for one person to change the world? With the hope and determination shown herein, it certainly is.
In an arid country where it was supposed the land was beyond repair, one little girl discovers a single seed. With a strong conviction that something might come of it, she digs a hole and places it in. Then lovingly she tends to it, bringing water from the well each day and making a shelter against the blistering heat and strong winds until … 

Within the abundant fruits are seeds; the girl plants one from each fruit. Meanwhile beneath the ground things are also happening. Eventually down comes the rain and creates a river once more: the land is flourishing and does so for years.
But then a storm destroys the trees and the girl feels as though her heart is broken too. Nothing can ever be right again … or can it? Could it be worth planting another seed? Yes and when at last there are many fruit bearing trees once more, there’s food enough for the birds and animals, and the human community too.

Inherent in Imogen Foxell’s beautiful, optimistic rhyming story is a basic description of the water cycle, showing youngsters how, over time, an abundance of trees in an area can produce a river where once there was only arid soil. it shows too how a single, small action really can help to make a difference. Anna Cunha’s stunning mixed media illustrations are a perfect compliment for the text, changing from the virtually monochrome portrayal of the desert-like environment where the protagonist dressed in a beige dress, finds that first seed, to scenes where shades of green and blues predominate as the trees thrive and the land is renewed.

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