A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends / Wooolf!

A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends
Philip Waechter
Gecko Press

Alone in his house, Racoon decides that baking an apple cake will alleviate his boredom, but then he discovers he has no eggs. Oh bother! Maybe his chicken-owning friend Fox can help out, so off he pops to see her, only to find her precariously balanced and attempting unsucessfully to mend a leaky roof as the hole’s out of reach. The two set out to Badger’s in the hope he might have a ladder. Badger too needs help with a crossword and Fox suggests asking Bear to solve the clue. On route to Bear’s home the friends pause for a blackberry picnic but on arrival they discover Bear is not at home. Happily Crow can assist and leads them down to the river bank where eventually they find Bear fishing.
Unfortunately though the fish aren’t biting… not even a nibble.

Not wanting to waste a moment the five pals decide to dive into the river and have fun together. It feels great to cool off on such a hot day and equally pleasurable to dry off in the warm sun. They also solve the crossword clues, then as evening approaches they head off home

pausing whenever appropriate to complete each of the other tasks in turn, finally reaching Racoon’s residence. Once indoors, Raccoon bakes not one but TWO CAKES: one to be shared by Fox, Badger, Crow. and himself. Fortunate Bear however has a cake all for himself. I wonder why that could be …

Willingness to embrace new and unexpected situations, and whole-hearted participation therein, is key to a happy life, as are friends and teamwork. Philip Waechter’s intricately detailed illustrations of bucolic contentment brought about by these elements work harmoniously with his heartwarming story; it’s one children will definitely warm to as they share in the day’s events of the five friends.

Stephanie Blake
Gecko Press

Stephanie Blake’s little rabbit, Simon, certainly gets his come uppance in this fun take on the cry wolf classic as he plays the wolf card at home and school in order to get his own way. Eventually though he tries it one time too many, the occasion being the use – or not – of his potty.

Has he learned his lesson once and for all though? What do you think? …
With its funny final twist and illustrations that leap off the page little rabbit style, this will certainly amuse little humans and might just deter them from emulating a certain little leporine creature.

Thanks to Gecko Press for sending copies of these books for review.

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