I Want the Moon

I Want The Moon
Frann Preston-Gannon
Templar Books

As a child, the protagonist in Frann Preston-Gannon’s new book is so over-indulged by his parents that he’s unable to make even a single friend. Instead the result of them trying to engineer a friendship between their son and the boy next door results in the two becoming enemies.

Suddenly one night after a particularly ferocious fury his parents offer to buy him anything he wants. But money can’t buy the moon.

As a grown man, the same character is rich, important and lives the life of royalty, but that childhood longing for the moon remains. He summons all his team members and together they draw up plans for a ‘Get Moon’ machine. Hard toil on behalf of his workers results in the mindless destruction of vital elements of the local community

and the construction of a towering machine that just keeps on growing up and up. Rampant capitalism is at large here.

Then one night the moon is almost within his grasp: he stretches out his hands and …

An inevitable tug of war ensues and I expect you can guess the outcome of that.

Can the townsfolk’s children perhaps do anything to fix this disastrous situation?

This clever parable that is highly relevant today, shows the foolishness of greed and the importance of understanding where true happiness can be found: it certainly isn’t where this moon-grabber was looking. Do your child listeners think he finally learned the error of his ways, I wonder?

With her characteristic large variety of textures and wealth of small details, Frann’s boldly coloured illustrations will definitely hold the interest of young readers and encourage them to revisit the story over and over. If you share the book with a group or class, make sure you build in time to allow your audience to explore every spread.

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