I am Cat!

I am Cat!
Peter Bently and Chris Chatterton
Macmillan Children’s Books

It’s pretty clear who rules the roost in this story: it’s the moggy narrator and very cleverly, said creature is able to talk in rhyme as it presents a day in the life of itself.

Whether it’s causing damage to the furniture, demanding to be fed, alarming intruders – really? 

or any other of its vital cat pursuits, our narrator does it with gusto and indeed panache – well maybe not when it comes to encountering the large hound next door. 

Imaginative play is our cat’s forte as it takes on the personas of in turn Tiger, Leopard – “ I am Cat. Bird I see. / Leopard, leopard up the tree. / Bird up. Cat up./ Bird Up. Cat. // Bird. Cat. Now I’ll catch you! Drat.” and Lion before running out of steam and seeking a temporary respite before the next mealtime.

Team Bently and Chatterton have created another highly amusing read aloud tale with lots of fun action that young children will love to follow in Chris’s hilarious scenes and Peter’s catchy, highly join-in-able, rhythmic text. Even this cat fur allergic reviewer was captivated by their feline protagonist.

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