The Invention

The Invention
Julia Hubery and James Munro

How do you get all the seemingly exceedingly busy people who live in the same block of flats as you do to take time to interact with one another? That’s what Fili, who lives in said flats with her caretaker Dad wonders as she watches their comings and goings with barely a ‘hello’ being spoken day in day out.

However young Fili isn’t one to feel sad and do nothing about the situation; instead she thinks further, talks with her Dad and then sets to work, making … an Invention, As yet she’s unable to explain how it works, nor what it does 

but what is evident is that it keeps getting larger and larger and everybody is interested in Fili’s mysterious creation. Eventually someone asks, ‘ … how will you know when it’s finished?’ Fili responds that she’ll need everyone’s help with that.

One day she delivers invitations to all the residents of their block, thus arousing further curiosity on their part. Needless to say the Invention party is well attended although at first the attendees are somewhat nonplussed at the Invention’s lack of action. 

Now Fili’s plan moves up a gear, “Will you help to start it?’ she asks. Immediately everybody begins twiddling and fiddling, and more importantly, giggling and chatting until finally …
There we have it: one little girl, one idea, one supportive parent, a lot of determination to build, not just her invention but a collaborative community.

James Munro’s superbly quirky illustrations are perfect for Julia Hubery’s straightforward droll telling about a child with a good idea, ingenuity and lots of determination, and the bringing together of people to form a real community.

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