Know It Owl

Know It Owl
Emma Perry and Andrea Stegmaier
Storyhouse Publishing

Owl’s hyper-enthusiasm for passing on information causes the bird to interfere with the den building process of a weasel-looking creature, not just once but at every stage,

even down to the snacks to put inside once the project is finished; and as for reading material, no prizes for guessing what all the books must be about. Is that strigine ever going to stop poking its beak into another creature’s business one wonders.

The answer happily for all, is yes, and having seen the error of its ways Owl is off to fashion something with which to save this whole sorry situation once and for all. Or should that be just the once. And as for seeing the error of one’s ways, well that’s rather a different story …

With some fun puns, Owl’s teacherly mode with way, way too many don’ts for this reviewer/teacher’s liking but perfect for the character, and a funny finale, this tale of learning to play and work with others will make for an entertaining story session. Make sure that you allow plenty of time for young children to explore every one of Andrea Stegmaier’s wonderfully droll illustrations – there’s a wealth of delightful detail at each page turn; the final double spread is full of stories and make sure not to miss the very last page – what a hoot – it’s brilliant!

(If you buy a copy of this book 3% of the cover price is donated to children’s mental health charity Place2Be.)

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