Bob the Dog Gets a Job

Bob the Dog Gets a Job
Tracey Hammett and Angie Stevens

Bob (actually female despite the name) is a dog that likes to keep busy; this perplexes her pal Pat the Cat.

One day Bob hears an ice-cream van outside and decides what a perfect job selling ice-cream would be. She trails the van to the local park where she discovers not one ice-cream van but a veritable fleet of them, as well as a poster announcing that an ice-cream festival is being held that very day.

Oh what delight, thinks Bob, anticipating the increased likelihood of obtaining a position as a vendor of ice cream. She asks around but to no avail

until she moves on to Mr Flaky’s van and again tries her luck.

Happily for Bob, Mr Flaky comes up with an offer, hands Bob the appropriate garments, gives a few important instructions and leaves her to it.

Before long eager customers roll up and things are going deliciously well. Then an entire soccer team rocks up, a very long queue quickly forms and before you can say cornetto, the very last cone has been used. Furthermore the control switch to turn off the flow of ice-cream has started to malfunction. Can some quick and creative thinking on Bob’s part save the day?

It more than does, but to find out how this yummy story ends, you’ll just have to join the queue and buy a copy of the book. Anyone for ice-cream?

For sure, through their combination of playful narrative and comical illustrations, author Tracey Hammett and illustrator Angie Stevens have served up a treat with this one. As well as making readers and listeners laugh it will assuredly, make their mouths water.

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