I am NOT a Prince!

I am NOT a Prince!
Rachael Davis and Beatrix Hatcher
Orchard Books

Somewhere on the shores of a misty lagoon, every springtime under a silver mist, so the rhyming narrative says, magic frogs gather in anticipation of a magical transformation. A dip in its waters and each one will emerge as a prince. All except one that is: Hopp has absolutely no wish to be a prince despite what the other frogs say. “It’s not for me. That’s not what I am meant to be.” is Hopp’s response to being told becoming a prince is a frog’s duty. Consequently the naysayer is banished from the lagoon and the lonely creature sets forth to the stream unsure which way to go.

Before long Hopp has come to the aid of a little Mouse in trouble, a stuck grizzly bear and a dragon, each one thanking the frog profusely and calling Hopp a prince. As night falls, poor Hopp is in despair,”I’m not a prince -they’ve got it wrong! / Oh where, oh where, do I belong” comes the cry. But then …

The kindly wizard completely understanding why those helped have called Hopp a prince, issues an invitation to the frog, “Well, tell me what you are instead.” Hopp whispers in the wizard’s ear and he in turn bestows upon the little frog a wonderful gift.

Meanwhile back at the lagoon, realising they’d been too judgemental, the other frogs are now concerned for Hopp’s well-being; will their fellow amphibian ever return? Then from the bushes they hear a BOOOO! and there is Hopp, safe and sound, totally transformed and almost bursting with pride. Hopp’s isn’t the only transformation however, for now each spring down at the lagoon something wonderful takes place …

Bursting with colour, this is an empowering read aloud with magical happenings that celebrates being true to yourself and remaining so in the face of opposition.

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