My Granny is a Queen

My Granny is a Queen
Madeleine Cook and Rebecca Ashdown
Oxford Children’s Books

Twelve children proudly and lovingly introduce their respective grandmothers in this wonderfully warm-hearted, celebratory book. Each one is, in the eyes of her doting grandchild, a true queen even if not HRH The Queen.

The first – granny – is greeted on arriving for a visit with curtsies and a red carpet on which to walk.
Then in turn we meet nana with her royal pets Lord Stinkerton and Lady Battenberg the Third, classy pooches for sure though a tad mischievous at times; nonna with her precious royal jewels; oma, who arrives in her carriage ready to take the family for a drive into town.

Bibi has a penchant for spectacular events and she’s more than happy to be accompanied by her grandchild; grandma – she of the royal wave – is frequently greeted by well-wishers when out and about; nai nai inspires her grand-daughter with encouraging speeches; gran on the other hand is a bestower of special awards for bravery. Nanny’s home is a distant castle so family news often has to be communicated via technological devices; Baba loves to relax after a busy day …

whereas nani is a terrific teller of bedtime stories and abuela has a very special crown. Apart from giving their grandchildren love and affection there’s something else all these wonderful people have in common: now what might that be? … Party anyone?

A terrific celebration of grandmothers, of differences, and the special bonds of familial love that transcend all else.

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