Maya’s Walk

Maya’s Walk
Moira Butterfield and Kim Geyer
Oxford Children’s Books

Maya and her father love to walk together and no matter where they go, they make full use of all their senses so that they get the very best out of their time. With their eyes they might discover a wealth of ‘tiny secrets’ be they insects on the move or plants just beginning to sprout. They run their fingers over different surfaces experiencing different sensations as they do so. 

If their feet take them through a town they listen out for the gamut of sound that surrounds them: singing birds, ringing bells, barking dogs and the constant chatter of humans. Then once out of the hustle and bustle it’s fun to be more energetic both on the way to the park and inside it where, once again, there’s an abundance of sounds and movements to emulate.

Whatever the weather – be it rain or shine – there’s always plenty to bring delight, especially if by chance a rainbow appears and Maya and Dad can focus on finding and matching all its colours with things in nature and then using their other senses too, to fully appreciate what they see. Then perhaps some of those wonderful things will become the subject of her dreams.

How fortunate is Maya to have a parent who makes every walk an adventure and who helps to make sure she finds that all important awe and wonder as she experiences the world around her.

A beautiful book to share with young children be they at home, nursery or school, preferably, with heightened awareness, just before going out walking.

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