Home Is Where the Hive Is

Home Is Where the Hive Is
Claire Winslow and Vivian Mineker
Sunbird Books

This story told from the viewpoint of Beatrice or ‘Flower-Finding Scout Bee #7394’ is one I’d strongly recommend sharing with KS1 children.

Beatrice lives with her 50,000 sisters in Big Tree Hive a place that with its wealth of tasty flowers close by and plenty of room for storing honey, has been a home for bees for ages and ages. Now however the neighbourhood is undergoing changes: the flower patch has been paved over, the stream is being polluted and tall buildings obstruct the light from the area of the hive.

When the queen bee announces that it’s time for all the hive residents to find a new home, Beatrice is determined to find a place that is the equal of Big Tree Hive and off she flies. There’s plenty of danger and she feels scared, but Beatrice isn’t one to give up easily so she keeps on searching. Will her adventure be a success; will she have sad or good news to impart when she flies back to her old home; and what will be the reaction of her sister bees?

With its themes of urban development and the loss of green spaces, Claire Winslow writes from the heart about a topic she clearly finds important to share with youngsters. In support of bees and other pollinating creatures, after the story she provides information and suggestions to help readers, their families and teachers make a difference.

With Vivian Mineker’s vibrant illustrations, this is definitely a book for KS1 class collections and for family shelves.

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