Little Chick Grows Up / Little Rabbit Has Friends

Little Chick Grows Up
Yu Hongcheng

Presented from the viewpoint of Little Chick we follow him from the time he emerges from his shell in spring and takes those first cheeps through the months until autumn when he’s a full-sized rooster.
Soon after hatching he, along with lots of siblings is ready – under his mother hen’s watchful eye and guidance – to start finding food and standing up for himself, always alert for ‘bad’ animals around the farmyard.
Eventually Mum decides it’s time to leave the chicks to look after themselves; are the youngsters ready? Will they find somewhere safe to sleep? And what about finding the right things to eat without her guidance?

Will they be able to stand up to bullies and stay alert for danger. What happens when Boss Rooster shows up to challenge them?

From endpaper to endpaper, Yu Hongcheng’s superb illustrations, which accompany her first person narrative are a wonder to behold in this book that will be enjoyed by children and adults.

Little Rabbit Has Friends
Marcus Herrenberger (translated by Kathryn Bishop)

It’s not always peace and harmony in the forest for it’s a place where predators live; predators such as the fox. The very fox that, a raven informs Wren, is planning on eating his friend, Little Rabbit that day.
Wren immediately hurries off to tell Mouse and then the two proceed to tell a hedgehog, a nuthatch, a squirrel, and a mother pig. All the while their worries about Little Rabbit are mixed with concerns about their own safety but nonetheless they feel they must do something to help.

However when wild pig refuses to help, the five friends go to visit Little Rabbit to say farewell.

The terrified creatures know he’s about to become the fox’s next meal, but that’s not quite what happens after all …

Striking watercolour illustrations of the forest inhabitants show how when the less strong work together, their combined power can work wonders. Somehow at the same time both realistic and full of feeling, they make readers and listeners feel part of the unfolding drama.

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