Teapot Trouble

Teapot Trouble
Morag Hood
Two Hoots

Stars of Spaghetti Hunters, the highly opinionated Tiny Horse and Duck – he’s the thoughtful, pragmatic one – return in a new story. Duck has a problem and is far from happy: a crab has taken up residence in his teapot. Of course, Tiny Horse knows exactly how to sort out a teapot disaster; all that’s required is a wave of a whisk – or maybe not …

No matter: know-all Tiny Horse has plenty of other tools to try – a toothbrush and a net for instance; moreover, once Duck has almost certainly identified his teapot usurper, the diminutive horse claims to be an experienced crab-tamer – a picnic will definitely lure the unwanted visitor out. 

Failure follows failure until poor Duck is convinced he’ll never reclaim his teapot home.

Problem solved, announces Tiny Horse but his friend thinks otherwise. 

Now at a complete loss, off Duck stomps teapot on his back, to the beach for a spot of shell collecting. Needless to say Tiny Horse ridicules the notion of a shell teapot; but what will the outcome of this potty problem be?

Morag Hood’s wonderfully quirky wry humour will have both children and adults laughing out loud over this latest of her terrific picture books. I love the characters and I love the way they interact.

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