A Good Place

A Good Place
Lucy Cousins
Walker Books

Insect friends Bee, Ladybird, Beetle and Dragonfly all set out in search of a good place to live but they all want different things. Bee desires flowers, Ladybird loves leaves, it’s dead wood for Beetle and Dragonfly wants a pond.

In turn each of them finds what seems to be the ideal place,

but all have danger or unpleasantness lurking ready to strike at any moment. 

Hungry, sick and exhausted, the friends are in despair; but then a beautiful butterfly appears and asks what is wrong. When she hears the problem, she offers to help. Might it perhaps be that what their new friend shows them could be the perfect place – somewhere that fulfils all their hopes?

What a gorgeous book: a cleverly crafted text with repetition that youngsters will love to join in with; using a vivid colour palette and bold patterns, Lucy’s portrayal of the intrepid insects will surely evoke sympathy from young readers and one hopes, inspire their own efforts to create ‘A Good Place’ for minibeasts to inhabit.

Perfect for story time sessions and for beginning readers. Definitely my favourite Lucy Cousins book for many a long day.

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