Penelope Snoop Ace Detective

Penelope Snoop Ace Detective
Pamela Butchart and Christine Roussey
Bloomsbury Children’s Books

With several solved cases already under her belt, young Penelope Snoop, so we read, is the best ‘Finder-Outer-in-the-Whole-Wide-World’. Now with the disappearance of her favourite toy, Sidney the Smelly Sock Snake, she’s faced with her most important case so far.
Such is her determination to crack what she decides is a case of theft, that she, together with her canine sidekick, Carlos, are prepared to search high and low for clues, even travelling to the moon and back in a super space blaster.

Although the moon proved to be absolutely empty, her space flight allows her to view planet Earth from above by means of her hugely powerful telescope. And that’s how she realises that her suspect, the mud monster, has been much closer to home all the time.

Back on familiar territory once more, she and Carlos follow a trail that might just lead to the unmasking of Sidney’s stealer …

In Penelope Snoop, Pamela Butchart has created a brilliant character and one who, thanks in no small part to Christine Roussey’s illustrations, you’ll find totally irresistible. If this hilarious story is anything to go by, young audiences, along with his adult reviewer, will be crying out to see her return to work on more mysteries.

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