Daddy’s Rainbow

Daddy’s Rainbow
Lucy Rowland and Becky Cameron
Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Grief and loss are incredibly difficult topics to handle with children of any age and it’s both rare and wonderful to see a picture book that approaches the death of a parent with such sensitivity and delicacy.

Erin’s daddy sees colour in everything. No matter the weather, even on the rainiest of days, the two of them would don wellies and waterproof clothes and out they’d go splashing in puddles and having a wonderful time together. “We can’t see rainbows without the rain,” Daddy would say. Whatever the situation, day or even night, he always found something colourful to enjoy with the rest of the family.

Then Erin realises things are changing: her Daddy becomes increasingly poorly and the world becomes greyer until one day … Quiet. Here Becky’s illustrations are suffused with emotion and overwhelmingly, with love.

In the following days and weeks the other family members miss Daddy enormously but they join together in sharing memories of the colour and joy he brought to all their lives. Erin remembers the scrapbook and little by little they manage to smile again.

Then one rainy day, Mummy, Erin and her small sibling venture out

and on the way home when the rain has almost stopped, they see in the sky, something wonderful and we share an incredibly poignant moment …

Both words and pictures are pitch perfect and work in perfect harmony throughout. This is a book that offers families an ideal starting point for talking about the death of a loved one and equally important, about the person who has died. All primary schools should add a copy to their collections.

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  1. Hey, JILLRBENNETT! I’m really thankful to you for providing such great books for children’s. I hope you will carry this good work and will share further books here.
    Thank you again.

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