I Am Hungry

I Am Hungry
Michael Rosen and Robert Starling
Walker Books

Following the smashing I Am Angry collaboration between Michael Rosen and Robert Starling is another offering from the poetry book A Great Big Cuddle, which again results in a terrific read aloud picture book for foundation stage children especially.

Expanding on the ideas in Michael’s poem, Robert Starling’s illustrations are executed in bright, bold hues and his characterisation of Squirrel (and the bit part players) in his dramatic scenes is superbly done.

In an introductory note, Michael writes that when he feels hunger pangs he sometimes daydreams about things he could eat, some real and some weird, going on to suggest that this might become a game. Seemingly Squirrel has read those words for that is what the ravenous creature does: starting from normal hunger sating fare like bread rolls and popcorn, cheese and peas, things become decidedly outlandish – a funny joke,

a very bad dream, a frying pan,

a nasty fright for example.

Youngsters will relish this absurdity and delight in thinking up their own lists of possibilities. What a wonderful starting point for flights of fancy – verbal or written – this would make after a class sharing of this super book.

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