The Little Things / Maisy’s Chinese New Year

The Little Things
Emma Dodd
Templar Publishing

Snuggled up with her little cub, a mother panda explains the importance of the little things in life and how they are what really matter: ‘It’s the little things that matter./ It’s the little things that count. / It’s not the biggest or the best / or the largest amount.’
She goes on to give examples of the things she’s referring to: morning kisses, time spent together perhaps watching passing clouds, apologising, saying “well done”, hugging a friend or smiling at a stranger; acts of kindness and more.
Through a simple rhyming text and adorable scenes of the actions she writes of (many with copper foil embellishment), Emma Dodd conveys parental devotion and love showing how the ‘little things’ add up to something really big: a contented, happy life with a caregiver.
A small, heartwarming book for adults and their little ones to cuddle up with and enjoy together at any time of day.

Maisy’s Chinese New Year
Lucy Cousins
Walker Books

We join Maisy and her friends as they prepare for the Chinese New Year. The day before the festival Maisy prepares by sweeping her house; we see her visiting the market to buy food, decorations and something red to wear, and generally getting ready for the festivities.
On the day itself, she’s joined by first Tiger, (bringing presents and decorations to wish everybody luck and happiness), shortly followed by Tallulah, Charley and Cyril. After they’ve finished feasting who should come a-visiting bearing lucky red money envelopes but Ostrich and Penguin. They all gather around Tiger to listen to the story of the Chinese Zodiac

and then come midnight they welcome in the new year by watching a firework display.
Next morning everybody participates in a colourful parade and then Maisy leads all her friends in a good luck dragon dance.
The story is followed by a ‘can you find?’ page.
With Lucy Cousins’ bold, bright illustrations containing lots of Chinese touches such as paper lanterns, a blossom branch and a blue and white vase, this is a lovely way to introduce very young children to the traditions associated with the Chinese New Year.

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