Monster! Hungry! Phone!

Monster! Hungry! Phone!
Sean Taylor and Fred Benaglia
Bloomsbury Children’s Books

To say that Monster is hungry is something of an understatement, he’s starving. The fridge is empty. He reaches for his mobile – TAP TAP TIP TAP TAP … BLING-BRING BLING-BRING … It won’t be long before his hunger is sated – so he thinks.

However things don’t quite go to plan. Thanks to a series of wrong numbers he calls up a jaguar, a panda,

a salamander, a sleepy sloth and an alien none of which are purveyors of pizza.

Finally – hurray! A delivery of mouth-watering cheesy pizza is on its way. Monster is drooling as he opens the front door. However even then, poor Monster is in for yet another surprise. Now what? He’s ravenous …

Stupendously silly and anarchically brilliant both verbally and visually this is a terrific treat for both listeners and readers aloud. The former will relish chiming in with the tapping and tipping, blinging and bringing, and yelling out MONSTER! HUNGRY! as the drama unfolds in Fred Benglia’s sequence of hilarious spreads and Sean’s relatively few words,carefully selected for maximum impact. Adults will appreciate the chance to deliver a monstrous performance.

A delicious offering through and through and one that’s likely to become a much requested favourite in classrooms.

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