How To Be An Explorer

How To Be An Explorer
Tiger Cox
Button Books

Tiger Cox, is a paragliding instructor and lover of outdoor actives. To encourage youngsters to acquire the know-how and the confidence to become adventurers in the great outdoors, he has written this, his debut book.

His introductory spreads focus on thinking like an explorer, what a basic explorer kit comprises, how to read a map and how to create one.

There are seven other parts: risk, skills (how to make cordage, knots to learn, using a knife and whittling a peg; how to light a fire,

cook on it, how to make a paper boiler and a couple of campfire recipes. The foraging section looks at edible insects, edible plants and those not to eat because they are poisonous; then comes a section on creating shelter followed by one on aspects of water and another on weather.

Also included in each chapter is information about a real-life explorer: map maker Muhammad al-Idrisi, female mountaineer Junko Tabei,

Matthew Henson (the first person to reach the North Pole), seafarer Bungaree, Jeanne Baret who disguised herself as a man which enabled her to become the first woman to circumnavigate the globe, and aviator Amelia Earhart each have a spread. In addition, the author includes some anecdotal snippets from his own expeditions.

Colour photographs help guide readers through the 25 activities step-by-step, whereas artistic impressions are used for the explorers’ biographies.

With the author’s enthusiasm for his subject shining through in his writing, this is a super book to encourage children away from their screens and outdoors for some adventuring.

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