An Odd Dog Christmas

An Odd Dog Christmas
Rob Biddulph
Harper Collins Children’s Books

What joy! – a festive foray into the world of the wonderful divergent dachshund Odd Dog.
It’s Christmas Eve and said mutt is on a mission to find the perfect present for a special friend but after a day of shopping, time has almost run out. What on earth can I do, thinks Odd Dog wandering through the silent streets, when there in front of her eyes is a sign that calls.

In she walks to a true winter wonderland complete with gingerbread, candy canes and jolly elves; but there’s one creature that looks far from festive. It’s a very poorly reindeer admitting reluctantly, “I’m far too ill to pull the sleigh.”
There’s just one thing Odd Dog can do and before you can say ‘presents’ there before her is Santa. Of course, there’s the perfect solution.

With the night flight duly done, Odd Dog is still left without a present for her friend: Santa offers some words of advice. and then light bulb moment …

On Christmas morning our favourite pooch offers her pal something that reveals the true meaning of Christmas …

Wonderfully illustrated in gloriously rich hues and oodles of gentle cosy seasonal humour, this is one of those Christmas books that sends a warm tingle all through you.

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