Little Santa

Little Santa
Jon Agee
Scallywag Press

As the story opens Little Santa lives with his parents Mr and Mrs Claus and six siblings in the North Pole. Santa loves life there; not so the rest of the family. who eke out a miserable existence.

Their intention is to move to Florida., but their plan is thwarted. At first that is, by an overnight blizzard that traps their house and everyone inside, beneath an enormous snowdrift.

Up steps brave Santa who with some food in a sack and a pair of snow shoes, is sent out via the chimney to seek help.

When he emerges he starts walking, and having trudged a considerable distance comes upon what he thinks at first is the top of a tree protruding through the snow.

What follows is an account of how the little fellow comes as tradition says, to acquire a flying reindeer and a troop of elves whose talents include shovel making and sledge building.

Yes he does of course enlist their help to look for the Claus’s North Pole house and they fly back to the relief and delight of his family. But has this whole episode put paid to their plans to move to Florida? Certainly not and even with the improvements made by the elves,

a year later off go the Clauses minus Santa to start their new life. And Santa: well we know what he does.…
Crisp like the snow, Jon Agee’s folkish narrative, and quirky, comical illustrations in which Santa stands out in his bright red attire offer a kind of seasonal pourquoi tale that’s fun to share during the Christmas season.

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