George the Wombat

George the Wombat
Eva Papoušková and Galina Miklínová

Did you know that like all his fellow wombats, George produces cube-shaped poos? That’s when he manages to poo at all, and even more importantly do so in his potty.

Pooing in his potty is what his mum has told the little creature he must do before he can go into the forest and dig a burrow. Being an obedient marsupial, George goes and sits on his potty but sitting on your lonesome upon your potty (or otherwise) is more than a little boring.

Fortunately though it’s not long before George’s pal Fred the kangaroo hops up and invites George to join him in some grass gobbling. George explains his problem and so Fred suggests something to help shift things along within. Still nothing happens, so Fred hops off leaving the wombat to keep trying.

Next to arrive is Annie goose and she too has a suggestion, but this doesn’t do the job either.

Lizzie mouse’s tip proves equally unsuccessful

only serving to make George’s eyes almost pop out, which puzzles Daddy Wombat as he walks by.

Now Daddy wombat knows a thing or two so maybe, just maybe he can solve the poo problem once and for all so that his offspring is free to remove his botty from his potty and embark on some tunnelling.
Translated by Alexandra Büchler, this tale of friendship, helpfulness and of course, poo, is great fun to share whether or not you have a little one at the potty training stage. With its repeat refrains and gentle humour throughout the telling, a humour that is superbly underscored in Galina Miklínová’s cross-hatched illustrations showing the cuddlesome creature endeavouring to follow instructions and produce the goods, this book will delight both youngsters and adults, all of whom will relish the potty-sitting sequences.

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