I’m Sticking With You Too

I’m Sticking With You Too
Smriti Halls and Steve Small
Simon & Schuster Children’s Books

Having delighted us with I’m Sticking With You, Bear and Squirrel are back and if possible, they’re even more thick as thieves than when last we saw them.

Enter Chicken with a large case asking politely to partake of their seemingly idyllic lifestyle. An immediate rebuffal by Bear, backed up Squirrel doesn’t deter the feathered one, who continues pleading while also unpacking that case and bringing out and playing assorted musical instruments. Sadly however Bear tells her in no uncertain terms, with support from his bestie …

and the pair depart leaving Chicken to pack up her gear and move on.

While waiting for a cab she notices a poster that seems to offer just what she desires and hopes high, off she goes …

Little does she know what schemes are afoot but fortunately for her those two naysayers suddenly get wind of what might be about to happen. Could it be that after all, a change of heart is forthcoming? Perhaps that tight twosome might just become even better if they accept a third into their groovy fun-loving band.

Smriti’s bouncy rhyming narrative scans well and with its three distinct voices, is huge fun to read aloud. Young listeners will be on the edge of their seats as that taxi drives off into the dark heading Chicken knows not where, and will definitely delight in what comes thereafter.

Steve Small’s illustrations are splendidly expressive, alternating between the poignant and the comical. The way he uses the white space intensifies the focus on the characters; while the use of a black background on some of the latter spreads heightens the dramatic impact.

Most definitely a book that youngsters will want to stick with, demanding frequent repeat performances too.

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