Watch Out Wolf! There’s a Baddie in Your Book

Watch Out Wolf! There’s a Baddie in Your Book
Jude Evans and Lucy Semple
Little Tiger

Who is lurking near the enchanted Wood, with a shadowy shadow, pointy ears, a furry tail and sharp claws? No doubt you’ve guessed correctly, but the rabbits aren’t in the least bothered by that presence; indeed they beg his help informing him, “There’s a beastie in our book.”

The ursine creature scoffs , telling the rabbits that he’s the only beastie in this book. A lot of chattering, shouting, huffing, puffing and stomping ensues resulting in a certain angry animal breaking a book and in so doing getting well and truly stuck. Temporarily only though, thanks to the rabbits forcefully shoving him out, whereupon he stomps off to persecute the three little pigs. You’ll know the threat he issues to them, but all they do is ask for some assistance with house construction.

Mr W. is truly amazed at what he sees on the construction site

but continues to maintain that he is the only big beastie around, and definitely the sole beastie in his book.

Off he thunders, next stop Granny’s cottage, where she too is unfazed by the visitor but upset by the damage that’s been done to her precious vegetable patch. Determined to procure his help, Granny grabs the creature’s tail and he ends up assisting her with several tasks after which he’s rewarded with some refreshments.

Then a realisation dawns upon our Wolf: he’s definitely no hero, and off he dashes hotly pursued by Granny, the pigs et al muttering about a beastie to himself as he stomps over a rickety bridge and takes a tumble riverwards. OOPS! The troll is sniffing the air as he too talks of – well you and our lupine friend know what. Off storms the latter to eject him from his book and soon finds himself entering a rather spooky cave.

Now what on earth, and in storybook land, could be inside?

With a scattering of peep-holes, flaps and fold-outs, Lucy Semple’s fun-filled, dramatic scenes accompany Jude Evans’ equally dramatic telling that’s full of humour, fairytale frolics and has a wonderful final twist.

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