Mason Mooney: Doppelgänger Detective

Mason Mooney: Doppelgänger Detective
Seaerra Miller
Flying Eye Books

Mason Mooney is back in a sequel to Mason Mooney: Paranormal Investigator! It’s now Halloween time and in Grimbrook that is especially significant for it’s when the paranormal world and the ‘normal’ one are at their very closest. Halloween is also Mason’s busiest day in the entire year; however with Mason now friends with Iris, the two have different priorities, Iris being interested in the ‘silly’ aspects of the occasion while Mason needs to concentrate on investigating.

However because Iris and her fellow middle school council members have pulled out all the stops for the Grimbrook Middle School’s celebratory dance and costume competition Mason feels he has to join in. Soon comes the discovery of a weird magic mirror located in the school’s bathroom and immediately team Mason and Iris are on the case.

Furthermore, out of the blue Iris has received a mysterious invitation from a substitute teacher and then things start getting ever stranger.

During the costume judging there are even more bizarre happenings, largely on account of a magic ring.
Prepare yourself for a lot more mystery and magical happenings, as Mason and Iris stand between Grimbrook and the dastardly doppelgängers from the mirror dimension. There’s even, in the middle of a shower of frogs, a lip-smacking kiss; 

and why is Mason suddenly standing in the midst of everything without his trousers?

Can he possibly reopen that portal and lure the doppelgängers back into their world, and save Grimbrook? And what about his heart?

This nail-biting adventure ends on a cliff-hanger, so to discover the answers, readers are going to have to wait for the next book.

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