Lily Takes A Walk

Lily Takes a Walk
Satoshi Kitamura
Scallywag Press

Kitamura is most assuredly in playful mode as he presents what happens when young Lily, accompanied by her dog, Nicky goes shopping for her mother.

While intent on buying at the market stalls she fails to notice the post box with it’s sharp-toothed mouth but her dog sees.

He sees further scary or startling things – the tunnel entrance with pointy teeth and staring street lamp eyes and threatening monsters at every turn, while she is aware only of the Dog Star in the sky, Mrs Hall knitting at her window, bats all a-flitter and birds on the canal.

Then finally at the last corner wafts the smell of her supper cooking.

Back home while consuming same with her parents, Lily smilingly tells what she’s seen on her walk, while thought bubbles around Nicky reveal what he might describe were he able to speak.

There’s a final gatefold that opens to reveal yet another thoroughly unpleasant experience for the dog of which Lily, eyes closed, is blissfully unaware.

The juxtaposition of child and dog’s divergent perceptions of the same journey taken together is done with Kitamura’s genius mix of the real and surreal; thus making this book an experience to savour and return to for several further excursions.

It’s fantastic to see Scallywag Press publishing this new edition of a modern classic.

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