Scaredy Bat

Thanks to Little Door Books for inviting me to join the blog tour for:

Scaredy Bat
Jonathan Meres and Anders Frang
Little Door Books

Absolutely bat-tastic sums up my response to this book. It had me hooked from the opening lines, so poetically describing the coming of morning to the Dark, Dark Wood. A wood where, in an old oak, dangle Big Bat, Middle Bat and Little Bat, snuggled up and ready for rest and perhaps some inverted dreams.

However, bothered by the buzzing, humming and drumming that fills the air, Little Bat just can’t get to sleep. The others tease him and so he decides to prove to them that he’s not in the slightest bit scared of the light. Off he goes with a ‘Wheeeee!’,

their warnings about the BOGEY BAT and bothersome bumps echoing in his ears. ‘Scaredy Bat! Scaredy Bat! Ner, ner, ner, ner, ner!” was their mocking cry.

As Little Bat fizzes and whizzes around in and out of the branches his confidence grows and he feels like he’s king of the wood. But then a strange feeling comes upon him – a feeling he’s no longer alone.

Surely it couldn’t be that bogey bat after all, could it?

Quickening his pace has no effect: wherever he goes that dark creature goes too until a sudden realisation dawns … But then he really knew all the time didn’t he?

Time to head back home to the others, both now a bit bothered by his prolonged absence.

Could there be another fright in store? …

Jonathan Meres’ dramatic rhyming narrative reads aloud like a dream (not of the upside down kind) and adult sharers will enjoy performing the tale probably as much as little humans will enjoy being entertained, both by the words and Anders Frang’s equally theatrical scenes. I love the way he uses the bats’ eyes to show their various feelings, and the cuddly toy rabbit.

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