Jeanne Willis and Anastasia Suvorova
Nosy Crow

An enchanting story about a little boy and those endless annoying questions that adults ask seemingly ALL THE TIME.

Oscar feels besieged by such irritating interrogations and decides that the best way to avoid them is to take action. Off he goes out of the house, down the garden – just to the bottom – but then suddenly he’s in the middle of …

With not a soul in sight, he can wander where he pleases without such intrusions as “Do you need a wee, Oscar”; play whatever he feels like without any “What are you doing up there, Oscar?” and so he builds himself a camp.

But then as dusk falls, the boy starts missing that familiar “What about a story, Oscar?” and other such words of familiar comfort.

After some self questioning, he decides to head for home but each path he tries ends … Nowhere. And nobody answers his calls until out of the black there emerges a …

Seemingly this little moggy isn’t fond of questions either, so they sit in a companionable silence for a while before Oscar makes a request and the cat responds by leading him … somewhere. In fact a very special place where his homecoming is greeted by, yes more questions, and youngsters will likely guess how Oscar will respond …

The power of the imagination, finding magic in the everyday ordinary and the importance of home are at the heart of this book. Anastasia Suvorova’s chosen colour palette for her scenes of Nowhere and Somewhere are perfect for lending an otherworldly atmosphere to the former as well as creating a seamless continuity between fantasy and reality. Die-cuts on every spread serve to highlight the beautiful texturing of the scenes.
Ideal for family sharing, bedtimes and together times in foundation stage settings.

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