Fabulous Frankie

Fabulous Frankie
Simon James Green and Garry Parsons

What does it take to be deemed fabulous? That issue lies at the heart of this tale of flamingo Frankie who more than anything else longs to stand out from his equally fabulous, fellow flamingos. A plan is what’s needed so Frankie gets creative fashioning a new super sparkly, shimmery designer stole. But when he gets to the lagoon what does he see but …

However, a magazine ad. beside the water gives him another idea, but it seems he’s not alone in fashionista fan waving or indeed glitter cannoning.
In the throes of a massive tantrum Frankie finds himself at the feet of his friend Pinkie to whom he cannot help but pay a compliment before flouncing off.

Frankie trudges on his way but having stopped to offer help to Flo (inadvertently upsetting a mule with his comment in so doing)

he hears his friends whispering about him. Has he finally found the key to being fabulous? And if so, what is it?

This ultimately uplifting tale of the importance of being yourself demonstrates how each and every one of us is unique: self-esteem is not reliant on appearances alone – there’s SO much more to being fabulous than that.
Garry Parsons’ fantastically funky illustrations are full of fun and feeling be that upbeat or down.

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