The Best Worst Day Ever

The Best Worst Day Ever
Sophy Henn
Simon & Schuster Children’s Books

Poor Arthur: it seems as though he can’t do a single thing right – this truly IS a really bad day. So bad that the young lad decides the only option is to run away. And so he does, albeit with a few things packed neatly in a bag.

Having been running for what feels like ages, he runs out of steam, lies flat on his back and ponders on his situation, wondering if he should return home. However when he turns around, he’s confronted by a deep, dark forest. 

Considering the options he decides to go right through it, though he’s filled with apprehension on account of the dark and the strange noises he hears.

There follow encounters with first a stomping Bear, then a huffing Elephant … 

and finally a roaring Lion. 

Seemingly these animals know just what Arthur needs and eventually after a great deal of skipping, wiggling, tooting and hooting and finally, singing as they all continue through the forest, where do they find themselves but … 

Should Arthur cross the threshold and face the music for running away after sharing in what’s turned out to be the best worst day ever? Suppose big trouble awaits.

No matter what, it all goes to show just how much can happen in twenty minutes …

What anger, what energy, what drama, what exuberance, what delight is expressed by the characters, human and animal, in this romping, stomping story. Hugely enjoyable for both listeners and adult readers aloud who will, I suspect, find the opportunities to emulate Arthur and the animals irresistible. Sophy’s art is simply fabulous with every spread a visual treat – so full of emotion – and I love the colour palette; it’s quite perfect for this book.

Definitely one to share with preschool and foundation stage youngsters at home or school.

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