Unlocked: Stories of hope from Tiny Owl artists in lockdown

Unlocked: Stories of hope from Tiny Owl artists in lockdown
Tiny Owl

During the pandemic I’m sure most of us have tried to remain as upbeat as possible, looking for the things that despite everything, make us feel uplifted and this is what all the contributing illustrators to this book have done.
During lockdown, Delaram co-founder of Tiny Owl asked fifteen of their artists from various parts of the world to reflect on their experiences, ‘focusing on what filled them with hope and joy’ during this difficult time. The result is an absolutely superb book of memories published as we draw close to the final step out of what for many, has been an exceedingly hard year to cope with.

It’s a treasure of a compilation full of wonderfully different pictures each accompanied by some descriptive text.
Like this reviewer, several of the contributors – Jenny Bloomfield, Piet Grobler, Hazel Terry, Catell Ronca

and Nicola Davies – have found solace in the natural world, walking, taking time to be still, observing with all their senses and delighting in spring with its burgeoning wildlife.

Some took to baking – Kate Milner’s family sampled her sweet treats

whereas Maria Chrisiana Winardi made an abundance of kimchi.

Kindness is a thread running through the entire book, manifesting itself in a variety of ways: Ehsan Abdollahi shared it with dog Fido; Sarah van Dongen and her partner used their imaginations; Jenny Duke found new ways to communicate; Ken Wilson-Max spent a lot of time talking on-screen and Anna Doherty participated in several celebrations on-line. Nahid Kazemi worked exceedingly hard both at her art and fitness regime; Dunja Jogan and her neighbours helped one another.

Thinking outside the box, Dale Blankenaar ‘made a box for you to hide with lines to keep you safe. Inside there is a flowering field and, eventually, an escape.’ – how cool is that?

I’d love to show you every single spread but hopefully the examples will send you out to your nearest bookshop for your own copy to share with youngsters.

Educators, this a fantastic starting point for children to share their own experiences in a similar way, with classes or school making their own editions of ‘Unlocked’.

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