My Bum is So Noisy!

My Bum is So Noisy!
Dawn McMillan and Ross Kinnaird

Assuredly we all need laughs at the moment and be you an adult sharer or a child, you will certainly find plenty in this, the third of Dawn McMillan and Ross Kinnaird’s New Bum series.

Here, the young boy narrator and his raucous rear have an unexpected cacophonous adventure. Not though before the lad has shared with us some of the trials of having such a turbulent tail that emits a veritable and varying trail of emanations, often at the most inconvenient moments. There are for instance hoots and toots, hums and strums, clangs and bangs,

not only when the house is empty. Visitors too are subjected to sounds aplenty – it’s enough to drive them crazy;

well perhaps not all of them. The younger relations (whose rears are a trifle restricted in their sound-producing capacity) are a tad envious and happily our narrator’s parents appear to support their son.
However the real excitement begins when the boy’s unique talent is discovered and put to creative use by a company who are quick to recognise its potential.

Dawn’s crazy rhyming narrative tumbles forth and rumbles along with laugh-out loud examples of whiffy wonders that Ross Kinnaird renders even more hilarious in his zany illustrations. May I suggest having a room spray to hand when you share this one – just in case …

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